20"x1.50" Tannus Aither 1.1 Pneu Plein

20"x1.50" Tannus Aither 1.1 Pneu Plein
49,99 €

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The 22"x1.5" R-grade Tannus Solid Tyre, the most modern solid tyre in the world. The perfect hardness (100psi equivalent), incredible grip and extremely low rolling resistance.

The 22"x1.5" is compatible with all Brompton folding bikes with 20" wheels and ETRTO (inner rim width) of 17-20mm. Some after market wheels might not be compatible.
(Be sure to check you rim width before purchase)


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49,99 €
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Tannus 22"x1.5" Solid Tyre

The 22"x1.5" R-grade Tannus Solid Tyre, the most modern folding bike solid tyre in the world. Aither 1.1 R-Grade: The perfect hardness (100psi equivalent), incredible grip and extremely low rolling resistance, finally offers 1 compound for all riders.

The Nano Technology Foam “Aither” patented by Tannus is engineered to provide maximum comfort, minimum rolling resistance and extreme durability. All Tannus tyres are rigorously tested to survive at least 6000 miles, but we have seen them do much more. Once installed, the tyres do not require any attention, no pump as they never go flat, they never change pressure, and always guarantee uniform performance on all surface conditions throughout their life span. Ride Tannus Solid Tyres like you would any other tyre, wet or dry, fast or slow, on a light bike, or fully weighed down on a cycling tour, the Tannus tyres can do it all, without any bad surprises.

Unlike ANY other bicycle tyre in the world, Tannus Solid Tyres are TÜV Safety certified meaning they offer what no other tire can, 100% reliability, and Safety. The patented Locking Pin System ensures the tyre will always stay on the rim, and the nano tech Aither guarantees incredible traction and shock absorption.

The 1.5” wide 22" specific Tannus Solid Tyre offers puncture free riding for most 22" wheels. Perfect for urban and rural riding, commuting, touring, and all other forms of stress free cycling. Inner rim width requirement (17-20mm)

The 22"x1.5" Solid tyre is specifically designed to work with 22" wheels. No more flats, no more stress, and a folding bike that will always serve.

Each Tannus tyre comes with all necessary tools and fitting instructions for home installation, however it is recommended that it be fitted by a licensed Tannus fitting service to guarantee safety and performance. If you do decide to fit them yourself make sure your wheel is trued, in proper working order, with all spokes properly tensioned and, if necessary repair the wheel before fitting. Make sure to follow the provided instructions very carefully.

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